Being parents is a great feeling that cannot be explained in words. Everyone one of us will wish to have kids and would love to enjoy parenthood. Unfortunately, many women these days are experiencing multiple miscarriages due to several reasons. It can be heart-breaking and stressful. Thanks to the emerging technology and now infertile couples can also have a child using assisted reproductive technology and various other techniques.

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is the most common assisted reproductive method used for infertile couples. Various health conditions that account for infertility such as absent ovaries, genetic defects, etc have become treatable now.

What is IVF Procedure?

IVF is the best choice for couples who have multiple failures of pregnancy. However, several factors are taken into consideration before proceeding with the IVF procedures. IVF is a complex procedure that contains multiple steps. The process begins with collecting the eggs from the woman, fertilizing them with the sperm in a lab, extracting the fertilized egg, and then placing it back in the woman’s uterus. Though the steps can be explained in a line, every step plays a crucial role in IVF and one needs to be prepared well before undergoing the procedure.

How Should I Prepare Myself Before Undergoing an IVF Cycle?

As mentioned earlier, the IVF Treatment involved multiple stages and each stage has its own importance. When you decide on an IVF procedure, you should prepare yourself to ensure a successful outcome from the procedure. You should follow the below when you decide on an IVF:

  • Have nutritional food: You should follow a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. This helps for the better metabolism and thereby produces good quality of eggs and sperms.
  • Stay hydrated: Always stay hydrated by drinking enough water or other supplements to properly prepare yourself for the procedure.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: If you are overweight or underweight, your chances of conceiving through IVF get affected. For instance, if a woman is overweight, she might have trouble with ovulation. Whereas obese men will have low sperm motility and erection problems. Hence it is important to maintain a healthy weight to increase the chances of having a baby with IVF.
  • Mental health: An IVF cycle brings so many challenges both mentally and physically. You should try to reduce your stress levels through proper sleep and meditation. Spend enough time with your family to get emotional support and stay relaxed throughout the procedure. You can also choose to have counselling sessions to handle your stress and anxiety.

Are There Any Instructions That I Need to Follow Before Undergoing the IVF Cycle?

The following are some of the measures or instructions to be followed while undergoing an IVF cycle:

  • Be aware of the procedure and clear your doubts with your doctor if you have any, without any hesitation
  • Have proper sleep and rest so that you can stay balanced throughout the procedure
  • As multiple failures of pregnancy are painful and stressful, get proper counselling sessions from the fertility specialist to handle the stress and anxiety
  • Start the process with a positive mind and with a practical understanding of the procedure. Positive thinking can help a woman to have a successful IVF process
  • Know about the success rate of the procedure and you should be prepared for the failure as well based on your condition. If in case the IVF cycle has failed, you should try to understand the reason for it and should correct the issue before undergoing the next IVF cycle.

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