ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and it is an advanced technique used for helping couples to become parents. It is an advanced fertility treatment and is suitable for couples who have male infertility problems. The ICSI process involves inserting sperm directly into the woman’s uterus. ICSI can also be performed along with the IVF procedure to increase the chances of a successful fertilization. ICSI is used along with IVF when the male partner has low motility or low sperm count. It is also suitable for women who have a smaller number of retrieved eggs.

How is ICSI Procedure Performed?

In the ICSI procedure, the male sperm is collected either through ejaculation or by extracting it from the testis by giving anesthesia. From the sperms, the best sperm will be collected and will be injected into the egg for fertilization. Once the fertilization takes place, the egg is inserted into the woman’s uterus. ICSI is highly suitable for infertile couples to achieve parenthood. The success rate of this treatment is high if it is performed by an experienced ICSI fertility specialist.

When is ICSI Procedure Considered?

ICSI is highly recommended in the following cases:

  • If the sperm shape is unusual
  • If the couple wishes to avoid genetic disorders
  • If the male partner has ejaculation issues
  • Couples who had poor fertilization in the previous cycles or the IVF procedures have failed
  • Risk of a miscarriage
  • Risk of having learning or behaviour disabilities in the child

At IRA Fertility, we have an experienced team of doctors to suggest the best available treatment for you and prevent the risks or complications with ICSI. We also help to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy by using the latest tools and technology.

How Much Does an ICSI Procedure Cost?

The cost of ICSI in Hyderabad is Rs. 69,999/- only. However, the cost is based on several other factors and it varies from one city to another. The factors include:

  • The doctor performing the procedure 
  • The master fertility team
  • The medications required
  • Further investigations required
  • The ICSI technique used
  • The cost of daycare nursing
  • The infertility issues
  • You and your partner’s medical history
  • The location where you are undergoing the procedure
  • How the eggs and sperms are processed

The medications may or may not be included in the package and you should check with the hospital before selecting the ICSI package. The cost of ICSI in India is low when compared to other countries. People from other countries come to India to have the ICSI procedure. The treatment and medications used in India are also of high standards and the doctors are also experienced.

How Successful is the ICSI Procedure?

The success rate of ISCI in Hyderabad is higher. You can increase your chances of conception with the ICSI process as it is performed using advanced technology. The ICSI procedure is highly successful if the male infertility is the main issue and the procedure is 70 to 80 percent successful. This is because only one live sperm is inserted into the egg and this makes it easier for the sperm to fertilize the egg.

However, the success rate is based on other factors such as how healthy your gametes are that can help for better fertilization, health condition, age, etc.

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